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Server Co-Location

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Our state-of-the-art facility gives you ultimate peace of mind that your data is safe, your servers are secure, and your Internet connectivity is dependable; all things you would expect from an enterprise-class datacenter facility like CanNet's.

Managed or Unmanaged – your choice! CanNet provides both unmanaged and managed co-location space.

With Unmanaged space, we provide:

With managed space, we offer the following additional services for both Window and Linux platforms:

All co-lo's are completely switch isolated and provided with a dedicated 100Mbps direct connection into CanNet’s central backbone.

CanNet's Internet feeds are fully multi-homed and we implement BGP routing to ensure the highest level of redundancy.

All of CanNet’s facilities are fully connected via fiber directly back to the LEC central offices providing us with OC-level capabilities in all locations.

CanNet has been directly assigned by ARIN its own global IP blocks. Global IP addresses are provided to our customers at no extra charge as long as justification per the ARIN requirements can be made.

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