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Always-on Internet access is essential to achieving your business goals. Your business requires speed, reliability and security. Most importantly, you need an Internet company that can adapt to the needs of your growing business and is always dependable.

We offer a competitively priced alternative to cable and DSL with the local service and support that only CanNet can provide. Our small business plans are full-featured and include e-mail and web hosting. We want to be the single provider for all of your company’s Internet needs.

Why not use DSL or cable in your business?

DSL or cable can be fine in many end-user or consumer applications, but DSL and cable solutions are not typically thought of as business-class solutions.

Some of the reasons for this are the potential lack of stability in the method of delivery, as well as often times a lack of guaranteed bandwidth.

Many of these types of solutions also have different speeds depending on which direction your data is flowing; typically data flows much slower going out as opposed to coming in. Additionally, many of these solutions are slower depending on how far you are physically from the closest central office or even how many people are using the service at a given point in time.

We have affordable Small Business packages starting as low as $75/month!
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