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Anti-Virus / Anti-Spam

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E-mail VIRUSES cost your company time and money!

JUNK E-mail (SPAM) wastes valuable time for your company by distracting you and your employees!

CanNet has the ultimate solution for these ever growing problems. We can direct our high performance servers to scan your entire domain’s incoming e-mail for both dangerous e-mail-borne viruses and unwanted junk e-mail BEFORE it reaches you!

How does it work? If an e-mail-borne virus is detected, it will be automatically removed from the e-mail.

For unwanted junk e-mail, your company has two options. Our servers can simply mark the e-mail as potential junk e-mail (SPAM) or it can be automatically removed BEFORE it ever reaches your company – the option is yours. We can also disable the junk e-mail detection if that is preferred.

If you opt to have junk e-mail marked, you can customize what actions you take by using rules in programs such as Outlook Express or Microsoft Outlook. For example, you can automatically redirect unwanted junk e-mail to a junk e-mail folder or allow certain types of potential junk e-mail through to your inbox.

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